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The 2007 season is complete. BlurredVisionRacing attended the WCMA 2007 AGM and awards banquet in Edmonton on Oct 20. Gord took home 1st place in Manitoba Division Formula Libre from Gary only by way of number of wins, as we each had 51 points after the last race! Gord and Gary finished 4th and 5th respectively in the WCMA Formula Libre class. Congratulations to Jared Whissle who won the class.

We're already preparing for the 2008 season, hoping to come back quicker and more reliable next year.


The 2007 season is almost done :-(

BlurredVisionRacing will be heading to Gimli for the last race of the season (Sept 22/23). We're looking forward to competing with some of the new FL racers from Alberta, as well as getting together with all of the 'usual suspects' in Gimli one last time in 2007.


BlurredVisionRacing is proud to present 'TeamSask Racing'. TeamSask is composed of Saskatchewan's road racers. We are working together to promote road racing in Western Canada. We are hoping that TeamSask will grow and flourish, bringing out new racers and exposing local road racing to new fans and sponsors.


The Classic MotorWorks Vintage Weekend (Aug 25/26) was a great weekend of racing in Gimli. There was the largest grid that has been seen in many years. This was due, in no small part, to the rise of the open wheel grid numbers. The Formula Libre grid had 9 cars, with 8 Formula Vee's as well. 4 FL competitors from Calgary made the trek to Gimli. The weekend's racing was a blast, with good battles throughout the field. BlurredVisionRacing fared reasonably well, taking home 2nd's and 3rd's over the weekend. We're looking forward to the next race, Sept 22/23.


Gord and Gary spent the July 7/8 (Stampede) weekend in Calgary at Racecity for the NW Truck Stampede SPEEDtacular. It's always fun to try out new tracks and compete with different people.
Gord was up to speed by Sunday and able to take two wins. Gary's weekend was troubled by gearing and electrical issues, he was up to speed for the last race of the weekend, but wasn't quite able to keep up with the lead pack. All in all, a very enjoyable weekend!


Gary, Mike, Dan, and Ellie have returned from their voyage to Mosport. The trip was riddled with tow rig and race car 'issues' but it was still a fantastic time. Both Gary and Mike were able to complete at least one race distance.

The highlight of the weekend had to be seeing the 1964 Canadian Driving Champion, Al Pease, taking a demonstration lap in his old car (Mike's MGB). Al considered passing the pace car on the Andretti straight!

We have put up a page of pictures taken from the festival here. We will be adding more pictures as we get them developed.


Gary is taking the #24 car to the VARAC Vintage festival at Mosport, along with Mike's MGB, and a couple of Minis that we are picking up in Winnipeg. We are really looking forward to running on such an historic track.

The #4 car has been sold, and a '91 VanDiemen has taken it's place!
The #24 car has a shiny new coat of paint.
There is a new (#14) additional car for rental/sale/spare.


We would like to thank Kyle at Ransom Autowerks for the fantastic paint jobs on the #14 and #24 cars.


BlurredVisionRacing is a motorsports team who will, once again, be contesting the Western Canadian Motorsport Associations Formula Libre class in 2007.

BlurredVisionRacing will be racing throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Ontario in both road racing and Solo 2.

BlurredVisionRacing are going to be travelling to Ontario to participate in VARAC's 40th anniversary of F1 at Mosport!

We regret to inform everyone that the Davidson Road Race Reunion 2007 has unfortunately been cancelled.

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