The Davidson Road Race Reunion has been cancelled.

The Davidson Road Race Reunion committee hereby announces the proposed 50th Anniversary celebrations and nostalgia event to be held on May 20, 2007 has been cancelled.

Davidson Road Race Reunion Press Release
Davidson Road Race Reunion Press Poster

Racing in Saskatchewan began in the 50's at an old British CommonWealth Air Training facility near Davidson, Saskatchewan. The first race was the May long weekend in 1957, making 2007 the 50th Anniversary of road racing in Saskatchewan. As such, a committee chaired by Mike Adams is working on creating the Davidson Road Racing Reunion 2007. BlurredVision is happy to be able to help however we can.

To date there have been three meetings in Davidson.

The minutes from the latest (Feb 24th) are here.

The minutes from the 2nd meeting (Jan 14th) are here.

The committee is working with local car clubs, such as the Saskatoon Sports Car Club, the Queen City Motorsports Association, the Jagnuts, and the Sports Car Club of Saskatchewan. The Town of Davidson is behind the Reunion and will be providing space and support. We are hoping for support from the Saskatchewan British Car Club as well as the current land owners.

There is ongoing discussion about the Davidson Road Race Reunion on the Saskatoon Sports Car Club forum.

Go to the QCMA gallery for some period photos of racing in Davidson.