Reynard 83SF Technical Specifications:
Chassis: Tubular, open wheel
Weight: appox 1,000 lbs.
Aerodynamic wings: Adjustable Front and rear
(Provide increased downforce for high speed handling)
Engine: Ford 4 cylinder 2.0 Litre Over Head Cam (legal Formula Libre specifications)
Engine power: ~130 HP
(0 to 100 kph in approximately 4 seconds!)
Top Speed: 240 kph
Brakes: Racing Performance Friction Carbon metallic disc brake pads on all 4 wheels
(100 to 0 kph in under 3 seconds!)
Gearbox: Hewland Four-speed, non-synchro, quick change ratios for various tracks
(Delights experts while challenging novices)
Tires: Goodyear Racing Eagles
(Both rain-specific and dry weather slick tires for each car)
Other features:
On-board fire extinguishing system
Adjustable swaybars
Adjustable foot pedals and shifter
Cockpit adjustable front/rear brake bias
Cockpit to pit radio system