Welcome to Team Saskatchewan Road Racing!

The team is a group of dynamic business and trades people that collectively enjoy road racing competition in a variety of race cars at multiple road racing venues. The cars include open wheel formula cars, closed wheel sedans in various classes, and vintage race cars. The drivers include enthusiastic novices to experienced veterans.

The team approach has evolved out of necessity. There are no road race tracks in Saskatchewan and all competitors must travel to other provinces to compete. Teaming up, sharing manpower and sharing equipment has become the norm for all. No single racer has ever needed to make it on their own. The team support and assistance is always available.

The team members race numerous road courses traveling to as far as Mosport, Ontario or Riverís Edge raceway in Mission, British Columbia. Our home tracks are eight hours away in Gimli, Manitoba or Calgary, Alberta. We have also ventured into the support grid for the Champ Car Races in Edmonton, Alberta. Future plans include races at Road America in Wisconsin, Miller Motorsport Park in Utah, and Mid-Ohio road course.

The team is active year round, with our primary racing season starting in April and ending in October. The off-season is busy re-building and preparing for the upcoming events. There are always car shows and display events in the off-season for appearances of unique race vehicles. All members participate in many grassroots forms of Motorsport as well either working or participating. Ice racing, rallies, rallycross, and autocross make the off-season almost as busy as the regular season.

Team Saskatchewan Road Racers combine their interests and experience for the benefit of the entire team. The concept is to promote and encourage the sport of road racing. Nurturing new racers is a primary goal. Raising the level of recognition in Saskatchewan of the road racing community will assist greatly in another goal of having a home track that is actually in Saskatchewan. It has been decades since Saskatchewan attracted national road racers to what once was a great race track in Davidson, Saskatchewan.